5 Tips For Staying Fit at Work

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Staying healthy at work doesn’t have to be difficult if you make it a habit in your daily routine. If you employ the idea of ‘little and often,’ you’ll soon reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle at work. Here’s 5 tips you might consider adding to your desk job routine:

Adjust your posture

Many people slump over their desks or strain to see their screen, causing back pain and spinal problems. Sitting like this day in, day out can be very bad for you. You probably would have noticed painful or achy shoulders, especially between the shoulder blades as your back tries to compensate for the posture at your desk each day. To avoid this, adjust your screen and chair to the right levels. Use a wrist rest if you need to. Also, make sure that you ask your HR department if you’re struggling to get comfortable. They can help you to sit properly, by changing your chair or the position of your desk if they need to.

Get up every half an hour

Research suggests that getting up every half an hour can help you to reduce blood pressure and stress in your body. If you’re getting up to go to the photocopier, try some stretches while you wait for your printing. Try walking the long way round to another department. Get the stairs rather than taking the lift up to another floor. Here are some more great ‘deskercise’ tips for keeping fit at work.

Eat well

You can’t underestimate the importance of eating well at work. It’s easy to grab fast food, but actually having some healthy snacks can improve your concentration and stamina throughout the day. Fruitful Office, a company providing fruit baskets to offices in Ireland and the UK, said that in their research, 81% of staff thought having fresh fruit available at their desk had “improved their quality of life at work.” They also found an 11% increase in staff agreeing that their workplace “enabled them to work more productively” following the introduction of fruit to the workplace. Check out their site here for more on their case studies and corporate responsibility efforts.

Get a buddy

If you speak to some other people in the office, you may find they also want to stay fit. Buddy up with someone for motivation. Go on a lunchtime stroll together, to get some fresh air. Encourage each other to stand up and stretch at your desk. Bring in some healthy snacks to share.

Don’t go straight home

If you head straight home after your work day, you may find little motivation to go out again for a jog or to attend a class at the gym. Going straight from work increases your motivation while you’re still in the mood to do something. Try joining a tennis class or go swimming right after work so that you still get home at a reasonable time in the evening.

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