Let the Post Wedding Celebrations Begin

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Traditionally, when couples get married, they tie some cans to the back of a car and drive off. I decided to be a little bit more creative for my wedding. Using a rented wedding party bus in Toronto, I did the same thing. I didn’t want the celebration to stop while we made our way to the airport for our honeymoon. While the party bus driver drove us, my wife and I sipped some drinks and kissed passionately. For the honeymoon, I picked out a nice island resort in the Caribbean where we could relax and enjoy ourselves.

Other people on the plane could tell my wife and I were newlyweds. One of the flight attendants led the passengers in a round of applause to congratulate us, and the captain and co-pilot congratulated us over the intercom. The flight took a couple of hours, which gave me some more time to celebrate with my wife. Once the plane landed and we arrived at the hotel, we changed our clothes and went straight to the beach. An afternoon of sitting in the sun in a tropical island paradise while drinking some tropical drinks was everything that television shows and movies made it out to be.

My wife and I love to try out new foods whenever we go to somewhere, and there was no exception here. We couldn’t get enough of the local cuisines. I wanted to take some back home, but it probably wouldn’t have survived the flight back. My wife even asked one of the chefs for the recipe of one of his entrees. He couldn’t give away all of his secrets, but he did give us a basic idea of what was in the entree. Exploring the local nightlife was something else. I’ve never danced so much in my life.