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AccountingThe Pictures of the flowering and non-flowering plants, fruits, vegetables, culinary & aromatic herbs in this weblog are of my garden.

Your responsibility to the process is to police the executor’s actions, but keep in mind that the executor is human and can make errors. Give him or her the possibility to clarify the numbers in the accounting. Realize that most of us have by no means offered an accounting for anything in our lives and perhaps are not that good at it, so your detailed concerns must let the executor to realize what is required. Don’t nit-pick for the sake of nit-choosing, and try to stick to real issues.

So they genuinely want to look at what they enjoy in a job first. And if they are not confident whether or not they would enjoy a job, then go out and meet folks carrying out that job. Ask them what their job’s like, ask them what their lives are like, is that the sort of life-style that they would like to have a single day.

An example of differential cost would be of a firm which is selling its products via distributors. It is paying them a commission of Rs.16 million. Any alternate which costs lesser would be considered. Let us suppose that the company is preparing to appoint salespersons to sell its items and cancels the contracts with distributors. In this case, the promoting expense is expected to be to Rs.12 million. There is expense differential Rs.four million (Rs.16 m – 12m). This a very good sign but the risk would have to regarded as for changing the channel of distribution. If there is low danger, it would be prudent to go for own arrangements for sales.

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