Moving to a Much Better City Worked out Well

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I know that people joke about someone living in their mom’s basement, but for me, it was no joking matter to live in my mom’s basement. It was a necessity to live there. I lived in a city where the cost of living is not low. I finally realized that I needed to live somewhere better. So, I began looking at various apartments for rent in Salt Lake City Utah to see what it would be like to live there. What a surprise to see that you can get so much more there for far less money than I could get in my home city.

I have always thought it was odd for people to make fun of others who still live with their parents. Why not be close to family? Other people do it in other countries and they are very happy and the families remain close. Here, in our own country, people often move very far to get away from family. When this happens, people find themselves very busy with work, spouse, children and personal life. This leaves very little time left for parents and siblings. My family is incredibly close because of the fact that we all lived in the same house or very close to one another. But my mom needed to downsize her home and doing so would mean I would need to get a place of my own.

It was a welcome relief to find that I could live in Salt Lake City for about 50 percent less than I would where my mom lived. And the best part is that it is only about a 20 minute drive from where she is. When my mother found out, she immediately became interested in moving there, too. Mom decided to sell her place and get a place in the same building that I will be renting from. It is working out great that we can both save cash and still live near each other.