Reduce Abandonment and Bounce Rates with these Tips

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High abandonment and bounce rates are problems that many online merchants are dealing with. The good news is that there are many ways to reduce the number of visitors hitting the back button or leaving your online shopping cart without completing their purchase. Here are a few tips that will help you make that happen:

Make sure your site loads quickly. According to, online shoppers aren’t the most patient crowd and will often leave a site within a few seconds if they don’t see what they were looking for. If your site is sluggish, many will just leave and look for somewhere else to shop. You should make every effort to improve your page loading speed, including changing web hosts if the one you’re using right now just can’t deliver the needed performance.

Don’t overload your pages. Many shopping cart solutions let you include multimedia content, popover boxes to present deals or capture email addresses for your newsletters, customer support live chat popups and other such elements. Rather than creating customer engagement, they can do the exact opposite and seriously annoy visitors, especially if they automatically play audio, crash their browser or interfere with normal browsing.

Be up front about pricing. According to a WebCredible study, 41% of consumers have abandoned a shopping cart due to unexpected additional fees or charges raising the price. While offering free shipping is a great idea, not all businesses can do so. If that’s your case, use the function offered in many shopping carts that lets customers get an estimate of shipping costs based on their location and chosen method.