Three Reasons to Order Your Supplies Locally

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Receiving supplies on time and delivering exceptional customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business, says Gelato Products. And whether you order your wares and accessories from another state or in your hometown, following are some of the advantages of purchasing your supplies locally.

Reduced Costs

The movement of today’s freight is highly dependent on costly diesel fuels, according to Supply Chain Quarterly, which can have a negative impact on your cost of sales and bottom line. And if your supplies come from across the country, there are additional logistics costs to consider. So, if you run a restaurant and need gelato cups for certain dessert entrees, you can probably shave some expenses off the shipping by ordering from a local vendor.

Better Service

The timeliness of ordering and receiving supplies is crucial for avoiding costly out-of-stock conditions. Just any old container won’t due if your customers are expecting custom yogurt cups and you serve them with some odd-shaped cup. It’s less appealing and unprofessional. Also, local vendors are more apt to cater to local buyers because it’s much easier to complain about service on a local level.

Supports the Community

The custom ice cream cups you order from a local vendor, for example, benefits the local economy because a percentage of the taxes are paid to the local government. Your supplier may also make charitable contributions to various organizations within the city, further benefitting the people who live there, the sick, veterans or the environment.

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