Tips to Scoop Hard, Frozen Ice Cream

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Before you break out the tasting spoons, you need to get that hard frozen ice cream out of its container. Whether scooping yogurt or ice cream, it can be very difficult when your treat is frozen to hard to make a dent in. There is a simple method that will have you reaching for the plastic yogurt spoons in no time.

Pre-Slicing the Ice Cream

Get a standard kitchen knife and run it under hot water. Make a number of straight slices into the ice cream about one inch deep and one inch apart. The heated knife will slice through like butter. Turn the ice cream container 90 degrees. Repeat the process. You will end up with a grid of sliced ice cream or yogurt.

Heat the Scoop

According to Gelato Products, both heat and water are quite effective. Hold the ice cream scoop under hot water for several seconds. Then, place the tip of the scoop along one of the slices and push in. The heated ice cream scoop will have no trouble scooping up this delicious dairy product. Repeat the process with each new layer of ice cream or yogurt that you reveal.

Other Quick Tips

Allow the container to sit out for a few minutes to allow the ice cream to warm. You can also start scooping along the outside as the edges melt first. Also, keep that scoop wet by running it under water each time you make a scoop of ice cream or yogurt. With a little smarts and some effort, you’ll be ready to devour your treat with frozen yogurt spoons in no time.