Using a Party Bus for a Family Get Together

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When I decided to go to Kinmount with my family to visit a museum there, we had to decide just how we were going to get there. If it was just 10 or 15 minutes away, we would have no problem just taking all of our own vehicles there. This was over two hours away though, and we knew that part of the appeal of going there in the first place was to spend quality time together. My mom suggested that we get a Platinum party bus in Toronto, and that was actually a really cool idea.

Most of us have been on one in the past, between proms and weddings that we have all been part of, but we had never gotten one just for a family outing. We knew the benefits of having a professional driver on important occasions like proms and weddings, but we knew that it was equally important in a case like this. It is rare for our family to all be able to get together and do something like this since there are so many of us between spouses and kids, and this was a time when we needed to be together for the entire experience, including the four plus hours of traveling back and forth.

Since we have all had experience with party buses in the past, we knew exactly which company we wanted to use. We went to their website and looked at the different party buses in their fleet. They are pretty impressive that they can have groups from as little as under 20 to groups up to 50 people. We needed something right in the middle since there are 31 one of us total, and the party bus we got was very comfortable for every member of our family. We had so much fun, and I am really glad that this is the way we did it.