Why Decide on A Career As A Forensic Accountant?

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AccountingIt is a tool of management that provides a detailed record of the expenses relating to goods, solutions, operations or activities. It is the process of determining and accumulating the costs of some specific items or solutions. This is a price accumulation method concerned with calculation of costs for the purposes of stock valuation and profit measurement. It also emphasises the controlling of expenses so as to have high quality items at minimum price.

Price volume profit is a blanket term for any mathematical method to analyze expense, volume, and profit interactions. A single particular application is recognized as breakeven evaluation: analysis of the break even point. The breakeven point is the point exactly where the company breaks even” – that is, the business neither makes money nor loses it. Revenues and expenses are equal.

For the nine months ended Sept. 30, Washington Mutual recognized $1.05 billion in earnings as a outcome of neg-am within its choice-ARM portfolio. That represented 7.two percent of Washington Mutual’s $14.61 billion of total interest revenue year-to-date. By comparison, neg-am contributed 1.8 % of Washington Mutual’s interest revenue for all of 2005 and just .two percent for 2004.

This course provides the student with the chance to total a system of technical studies at a single of BCIT’s partner institutions in Europe. The system of studies have to be pre-approved by the BTech in Accounting Plan Head. This course fulfills 1 of the BTech in Accounting Sophisticated Technical Speciality course electives. This course requires System Head approval to register. Prerequisite: Admission to the BTech in Accounting.

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