Winthrop Regional Small Business Development Center

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The Niceville Public Library provides trustworthy print, electronic and on the web small enterprise as effectively as entrepreneurial sources.

Aggressively work on collecting your receivables. The book The Worst-Case Situation Business Survival Guide” says that businesses must turn over past due receivables to collectors. Or sell the invoices at a modest loss to raise cash now, a practice called factoring. Focus on improving money flow before taking dramatic action to reduce costs. Never ever neglect collecting previous-due bills when cutting fees.

If you are routinely on the go, this mobile printer makes workplace tasks manageable. It can copy or scan up to regular 8 1/2 x 11 pages. The good quality that you get with this device is what tends to make it stand out from some of the other printer scanners on the market. You are primarily acquiring excellent quality prints and scans (600 dpi) with a decent-sized tray to store the excess paper.

You may want to give a longer time space amongst the closing date of applications and the day of the interview. Any person coming from outdoors the US (or heck, even outside the North-East) will need to have at least a day to just travel to NY, let alone arrange transport and logistics and all that. A week is quick, but for most finalists likely much more feasible.

You can use free of charge tools like Blogger or WordPress to start, but you ought to invest in your own domain name. Net hosting packages are also usually quite affordable and several provide fantastic tools for constructing simple web sites exactly where no coding is needed. These are fantastic for starting out – later on you should have an actual net designer/developer aid you search engine optimize and polish your website with your distinctive brand to enhance your company.

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